Unveiling the Allegation: Was Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Truly the Daughter of her Father’s French Cook?

Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, was a beloved figure in British history, known for her strength and resilience during World War II. However, a controversial allegation has been circulating for years, suggesting that she was not the biological daughter of her father, but rather the offspring of her father’s French cook. This rumor was allegedly perpetuated by Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, who supposedly nicknamed her “Cookie”. But how much truth is there to this claim? Let’s delve into the facts and unveil the truth behind this allegation.

The Origin of the Allegation

The rumor that Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was the daughter of her father’s French cook seems to have originated from a biography of the Queen Mother written by Lady Colin Campbell. In her book, Campbell claims that the Queen Mother, born Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, was the child of her father’s cook, Marguerite Rodiere. The book suggests that the Bowes-Lyon family was unable to conceive and turned to Rodiere to carry a child for them.

Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson’s Involvement

Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, who were known for their controversial relationship and Edward’s abdication from the throne, allegedly referred to the Queen Mother as “Cookie”. However, there is no concrete evidence to support this claim. It is also worth noting that Edward and Wallis were often at odds with the rest of the royal family, which could have motivated them to spread such rumors.

Examining the Evidence

While the allegation is certainly sensational, it lacks substantial evidence. There are no records or documents that support the claim that Marguerite Rodiere was ever employed by the Bowes-Lyon family. Furthermore, the Queen Mother’s birth was announced in The Times, a highly reputable newspaper, which would have required confirmation from the family and the attending doctors.

The Royal Family’s Response

The royal family has never officially addressed these allegations. However, they are known for their policy of “never complain, never explain,” which means they typically do not respond to rumors or controversies. This lack of response should not be interpreted as an admission of guilt, but rather a continuation of their longstanding policy.


While the rumor that Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was the daughter of her father’s French cook makes for an intriguing story, it lacks substantial evidence. Without concrete proof or an official statement from the royal family, it remains just that – a rumor. As such, it is important to approach such allegations with a healthy dose of skepticism and a desire for factual accuracy.